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This is for the hunter that likes to do it their way and save a few dollars at the same time. All camp accommodations are the same as on our fully guided hunts with a full time cook, shower tents, and all the comforts of home.

You will have access to private property plus hundreds of thousands of acres timberland. When you take the first step off of our private properties you are nine miles from access by any other hunters assuring that you will have plenty of country and undisturbed game to hunt. There will be permanent tree stands set up for you along with well established food-plots to hunt over. Although these tree stand locations are not baited, they are frequently visited by elk and deer because they are on major travel routes. You will also be provided with tree-stands at camp that you may set up yourself anywhere you see fit or just simply hunt them on foot. The thick timber and many clearcuts scattered throughout are home to thousands of elk. The area you will have access to has the largest elk population in Washington. With a herd size of over 13,000 and growing we are confident you will have no problems locating game and getting shot opportunities. Unlike elk in the Rocky Mountains that will turn and run miles when pressured, the Roosevelt elk living in thick timber will simply make short loops like a whitetail. You will likely be with 500 yards of elk no matter where you go! Success rates on our semi guided hunts are as good as or better than most fully guided hunts in other areas!

The only thing you won’t get as a semi guided hunter is a guide standing right next to you every step of the way. He will be in camp giving you pointers on where and how to hunt elk and deer and assisting with game retrieval. We will also take care of all skinning, caping, quartering, and deboning of game to prepare it for the meat processor. We will take care of everything you need so that all you need to do is eat, sleep, and HUNT. One other thing you will get as a semi guided hunter is the satisfaction of knowing you killed that big bull on your own.

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