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I had a great time hunting this year. Next time when you say "Shoot, Shoot" I will do just that!

I am seriously considering the black powder hunt in October.

Any suggestions on a brand of black powder rifle?

Ed Vaske

Riverside, California


Getting to know you was one of the highlights of my hunt. Taking a great 5X6 heard bull ranks right up there as well.

You worked hard at making things successful and your stories were fantastic.

I always enjoy hearing wild and crazy campfire stories!

Scot Jenkins

Idaho Falls, Idaho


When you said there were plenty of Roosevelt Elk out in your neck of the woods, you weren't kidding.

The trophy on my wall looks great!!! I can't thank you enough for providing me with the experience of a lifetime.

Count me in next year for the bow Hunting season, too.

Robert Brothers

New York, NY


For this being my first elk hunt in my hunting career, i can honestly say that it could not have ended any better. What Olympic Mountain Outfitters offers for the semi-guided hunt made it possible for me to accomplish a goal of mine that i have been wanting to do for 3 years. I learned a lot about elk hunting and had a great time while doing it. The camaraderie of the camp members and the fellowship of the guides made this hunt exciting and very rememberable.

Fill free to add my name and email address to any references to other hunters. If you need anything else just let me know, if im slow getting back to you its because im hunting!!! lol. the deer arent going to kill themselves ya know!! Have a good one.

Chad Nelson



I hope this holiday season finds both you and your family quite well. I have enclosed the pictures of the deer that I got on the first day of the rifle season. Sean's pictures that I took are also there. I truly want to thank you for the hunting experience in your grand state of Washington. It gives me a whole new perspective to the term "rainy season". Your accommodations were warm and dry. Your staff was very nice and helpful. Food was great. You do a great job and you are a true professional. Don't change a thing.

Last, but not least, if anyone cancels out on you at the last minute, please give me a call. I might be able to fly out and do a hunt. If you have a waiting list, please put me on it. Thanks again for the hunt and the memories that I will cherish forever.

Ray Sheridan

South Solon, Ohio

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