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Olympic Mountian Outfitters Show Booth

Olympic Mountian Outfitters Show Booth.

All fully guided hunts take place exclusively on private land. Olympic Mountain Outfitters leases prime private properties all across Washington State. Our hunting properties have food plots that we groom on a regular basis so that the vegetation is fresh green growth which the animals can’t resist.

We start baiting the food plots early in the summer. Each stand location will see thousands of pounds of apples to insure shot opportunities for our hunters later in the year. Our deer hunters have enjoyed a nearly 100% shot opportunity for the past 5 years. The elk and deer will devour upwards of 250 thousand pounds of Washington’s famous apples per season giving our hunters a success rate they have come back for year after year!

The area we hunt has the fastest growing Elk population in Washington. Habitat enhancement has improved our shot success to over 85%. Even the unlucky 15% raved about our camp site, food, and the hunting experience. Click on the species of your choice below for details on these first class high success hunts.

We will skin and cape your animals and prepare the meat for the processor. We will transport it to the butcher at your request where it can be cut and wrapped and shipped to your door or taken home in your vehicle or on the plane.

Your host, Mike, is also a licensed taxidermist so you can leave your trophy with us to be mounted and shipped or picked up at one of the hunting and outdoor shows we attend across the country.

We make scheduling your next hunt as easy as picking up the phone or sending an e-mail.

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