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Roosevelt Elk Hunts

Another very happy Client with his Roosevelt Elk!

In the Pacific Northwest we offer hunts for the Roosevelt species of North American elk during rifle, muzzleloader, and archery seasons. “Rosies” are a bigger bodied animal than their relatives, the Rocky Mountain elk, with heavy antlers darkened from rubbing Douglas fir and alder trees found in their habitat. The bulls which can top 1200 pounds live in thick cover by day and use our managed fields as a regular food source early and late in the day. Hunters are guaranteed to see elk on their hunt and it’s just a matter of seeing the right one and being able to make the shot. Fully guided hunts take place from tree stands and ground blinds. Why chase elk all over mountainous terrain where they often see you first offering little or no shot opportunity. We can bring them to you for a quality shot opportunity from your stand where a gun rest will assure you are able to make the shot.

Bow hunters will appreciate the fact that not only will the bugling bulls be in the food plots but will also be in range of their 20 or 30 yard site pin as they munch on the apples we bring to the stand locations on a daily basis. No more calling in bulls only to have them herd their cows in the other direction or hang up at 80 yards before winding you and bolting. Instead watch the elk move naturally to their food source and interact with each other until your shot opportunity presents itself.

Our muzzleloader season is one you’ll want to seriously consider. Taking place on the first week of October these hunts catch the tail end of the rut so the bulls are still bugling. The big boys are still with the herds and half the fun is watching the rutting activity before dropping the hammer on your bull. This is the only hunt other than archery where you can hunt elk and deer at the same time.

After the hunt you can sit back and enjoy the home cooked meals and comfortable camp while listening to other talk about the exciting day of chasing Rosies.

Your guide will not only put you on stand for a great shot but he will also take care of skinning, caping, quartering, and deboning of your game so it’s ready for the processor.

  • Archery, Rifle and Muzzloader hunts.
  • Seatac or Portland Airport pick-up available.
  • Fully Guided "Camp Hunt" is $5,500.00
  • Fully Guided "Lodge Hunt" is $6,100.00 (Hotel/Restaurant accommodations)
  • Semi-guided, with food and lodging is $3,500.00 (see Semi Guided Hunts for info)
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